The sales tax is one of the primary sources of revenue generation for the government. More and more states expand their taxability on goods and services offered by businesses and individuals. Some of these taxes are incurred on; professional services, credit reporting services, construction services, financial services, debt collection, maintenance services and so on. The state of Texas is not left out on this trend.

The Texas controller made known the types of services that are subject to taxes in the state. Some of these Services include:

  • Data Processing
  • Credit Reporting
  • Internet Access
  • Parking and Storage and much more.

From the outline of services liable to sales tax, it can be seen that marketing services are free from tax burdens in the state of Texas. More information about fees liable to sales services tax may be obtained here.

In the light of the above, does this mean Texas is an excellent place to render your marketing services?

Marketing processes can do well anywhere irrespective of the presence of a tax burden or not. Some marketing firms get into areas with little to no task burden and still do not create a positive track record. The State of Texas is, however, an excellent place to run your marketing business. The majority of marketing firms in the state aid in promoting Texas travel experiences via online platforms like social media, tours, and the like.

There you have it; Marketing Services has no sales service tax procurement in the State of Texas.

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