Many students go to school not because they really want to learn but because they don’t really know which career path they will like to thread. So college looks like the only available option. An article on Business Insider named marketing degrees as one of the components of its 10 most useless graduate degrees, but is this really true?

Let’s take a look at some facts

Marketing is result based.

In the marketing industry your reputation is less important as your results. If your current results are sinking compared to what you hit the last time, you’re in the line of fire. A lot of marketers have lost their job because they failed to hit their targets. In marketing, progressing is the only option and you must improve on your highest record.

You can’t study marketing

Being a successful marketer has nothing to do with your overall CGPA in your final year. Successful marketers only thrive because they have fully mastered the art of what customers want. Marketing is all about pitching a product or service in the perfect angle that meets the customer’s needs.

Marketing is flexible

History remains unchanged and basic arithmetic remains the same as well. Marketing evolves from time to time making it impossible to build an academic curriculum around it. The dynamic and suddenness involved makes it different from other fields.

Marketing degrees set you up to thrive in the field itself. It equips you with the basic requisite needed to learn the scope of the job, but it doesn’t help you do the job. There is a place for your degree in marketing but in the final analysis, the result and success you bring to the table is the standard you will be held against. But the old saying still remains true “It’s better to have a degree than not  have one”.

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