It is likely that a business you know of may have been a victim of a marketing company scam. Though this is a somewhat far-fetched statement, it is genuine that some companies have met with scams by some so-called marketing agencies. These agencies or firms will probably claim to market a product or service with an innovative strategy that sets you on the spotlight overnight. This kind of firms mostly promises the too good to be true result. Does this mean all marketing firms are a big scam?

Before we cover that, what is a marketing firm or a marketing agency?

A marketing agency is one that has developed a strategy which it utilizes in carrying out market research in order to foster positive relationship with target audience, boost the sale and profit of a company, while increasing awareness of potential customers who possess interest in the goods or service being rendered by the company by reaching out to them.

A marketing agency is known to utilize working and sustainable strategies for sorting out issues in business. Real marketing firms develop an understanding of your business and its needs thus, generating business ideas or techniques that inspire your audience and help them see the quality you provide, resulting to more trust and pride in your brand or what you stand for. The essence and importance of marketing to a business cannot be overemphasized.

With all the above benefits, one might begin to wonder if Marketing firms are indeed scams. One thing you must put in mind is that most marketing corporations out there are far less qualified or have been set up for frauds. In 2005, the Federal trade commission estimated a loss of over $20 million by the adult population to Mass Marketing Fraud.  It is evident that there are good Marketing firms out there and not all are set out to scam you of your money or funds. So, it is pertinent to understand how you as a business owner can protect yourself from Mass Market Frauds or Scams.

  • Firstly, every marketing firm should provide you with a sustainable and effective strategy to meet up with goals and targets. This goes beyond metrics in the form of charts and graphs. This data can easily be manipulated. Data should be communicated easily by screen communication tool.
  • A marketing firm that focuses more on designing solutions that strategy already has a red flag. Real marketing agencies set out to understand the individual needs of the companies with which they work. They work with details before planning or designing strategies that best suit the need of your business.
  • Another thing you should look for is verifiable testimonials. Don’t just look at testimonials, try to verify them and see what or with whom you are dealing. Another tip is to understand the standard operating procedure of the marketing firm you believe suite your needs.

In conclusion, not all marketing firms are a scam. Some do deliver services you would want to use another time. It all depends on how much scrutiny you choose to put into your chosen marketing firm. Whatever the amount, it is essential as it can save your company’s neck.

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