We currently live in an online world. Today’s world is the world of the internet. We shop, communicate, transact, advertise and spend a large amount of time messaging on the internet. This is not limited to just individuals. Business is in on the trend of getting up-to-date software and innovative technologies to bring their product or services to the consumers that are interested in them. The series of activities created by the internet has opened doors to many job opportunities, and one of them is marketing.

Marketing involves a series of processes including advertising, plans and strategies, and strategy involved in bringing a business to potential customers. It consists of understanding the needs of businesses and setting up programs that will directly bring targeted consumers to the company’s doorstep.

Due to the increase in the number of businesses that are starting up everyday, the need for a marketer is highly in demand. Unfortunately, even with the increase in demand for marketers, marketing jobs seem to be harder to get day-by-day. It may seem like a paradox per se, but it is true. According to statisticians just one in five thousand college marketing graduates get employed as marketers, few continue for M.B.A.s, and others go into sales because they are not hired by marketing companies.

So what factors may be responsible for this?

In truth, most companies only recruit individuals with good experience in sales or as a salesperson, making it seem as though both are without a difference. However, this is what recruiters want and believe to be true that marketers should have plenty in experience sales. With this in mind, for a person to be successfully recruited into a marketing job, is necessary to develop skills in sales as a salesperson. Though a lot of people may disagree wholly with this concept, it is what is obtainable in the industry. Entry-level marketers in today’s industry need to face the trend and harness skills that put them in positions where the recruiters will have no choice but to take them up.

Getting back to the question, are marketing jobs challenging to obtain.

Concerning availability, marketing jobs are readily available for the guy who has gathered enough skills to meet recruiters demand which primarily is a skill in sales.

For the fresh graduates who are seeking entry-level marketing jobs, the story may be a different one. Thus it depends on which side of the table you are on. In a nutshell, it all boils down to making oneself more valuable by getting equipped with the latest industry needs and knowledge acumen.

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