Who doesn’t want to have a party every weekend or travel to a new country every month? Who doesn’t want to have a vacation whenever they deem fit? We all want to live this life and have our paycheck as well. But do the jobs available today provide that privilege? Do they allow enough time to have some fun with friends on weekends? The answer to that is a big no. However, jobs exist that still provide you with enough room to do what you love when you want to. This doesn’t mean you have to do nothing, but you have more freedom and fun even during these jobs. Is marketing under this category or not? Let’s find out.

  • Time Demand: Modern marketing is a job that is ‘not for the faint of heart’. This is a signal that it requires time, efforts and a lot of brains work developing strategies. Marketers, currently in the industry, see marketing jobs as more time consuming than regular jobs. This may not come as a surprise as the perks of a career as a marketer involves a good share of travels and communication. More importantly, time needs to be spent on developing strategies and innovative solutions to meet up and beat the competition. Every plan has to be successful enough to take a business to the spotlight and bring it closer to potential customers and establish trust where necessary. There are also those times when you need to develop good advertisement concepts, sales promotion, and generally get more sales coming in for the company. So, when you consider a job that allows you enough time to move about to wherever you choose at any time, marketing may not exactly be one of them.
  • Technological Knowhow: when a person has decided to take on the task of marketing, then he or she needs to consider the speed of innovation in the field. In marketing, technologies develop quite fast, and one needs to keep up to be valued. Marketing is just like the internet; everything keeps going at a faster, changing pace. You may have gotten used to a technology today and tomorrow there is a new one you need to learn to provide value and quality service. So, with marketing, there is always a learning curve, a learning curve you need to keep. You have to be adaptable with whatever change surfaces. This may not be the exact definition of fun for the average guy seeking the job that offers freedom.
  • Critical Thinking: though this is quite obvious, it is worthy of being pointed out here. Marketers have a lot of thinking to do. From understanding the competition to customer taste and preferences even to mapping out plans to generate quality leads that eventually turn to sales, marketers have got a lot to do.

However, the answer to marketing being a fun job is dependent on a person’s definition of fun. If you love catching up with innovations and testing out new technology while meeting up with turnover rates that are likely high, then the job is a go for you.

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