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Achieve Local Search Domination

To make quick buying decisions, consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices. Roughly, 85 percent of consumers who use mobile devices to find products and services follow up with a phone call, while 80 percent walk into a location with a specific action in mind. 

It is imperative to have your business’s online data and NAP (name, address, phone number) consistent across all media channels – which raises search engine ranking and improves your business’s local visibility. Failure to manage your business’s local presence could result missing major segments of targeted potential customers.

Belgrade traffic at night in long exposure

Online Presence Management

Our Online Presence Marketing services include:
  • Baseline Audit
  • Optimize Google My Business
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Lead Generation
  • Monitor Online Reviews
  • Local Safeguard Protection
  • Data Aggregator Submission
  • Generate and Fix Citations

Why We Are The Best


Our partners have clocked more than 200,000 hours to date, giving businesses the experience of a team that is built solely for local online presence management.

We Save You Time

Our online presence management team can upload 20 listings in one hour verses a business owner who can average 20 listings in 7 hours. We can save you both time and money.


No project is too large or too small. We have the capacity to accommodate a large volume and we can scale to any size. Call or email us for further details.


"You can always trust the name Stevendev and anything associated with it" has been our motto since 1997. We are an Accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and a member of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce.

What We Can Do For You?

Increase Your Brand Awareness

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Your company’s name, logo, identity and anything else that consumers associate with it, including goods and services – is brand awareness. Delivering the right contents to the right customer at the right time and place creates a connection and builds your brand’s reputation. Brand awareness includes plans that create loyal customers, engage with existing customers and increase brand visibility.

No matter what type of business you have, you want your brand to stand out from the crowd. Your marketing goal should be to be one your target market thinks about  when they are ready to purchase. You need to consistently remind your target audience that you are actively doing business, or they will forget about you and go to your competitors.


Increase Your Market Share

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Market share is often associated with profitability. That’s the driving force for many businesses to increase their sales relative to competitors. Trying to increase your market share is continuous because you can never stop trying to acquire new customers. One thing is for sure – your competitors are probably trying to win over new customers right now. 

Market share is increased with a solid marketing strategy, strengthening customer relationships, innovation and smart hiring practices. Your company’s must constantly be put in the public’s eye. You cannot attract the right kind of followers for your business if they don’t know you exist. You must constantly increase your marketing reach. If you company is not a threat to your industry or niche, you have work to do.

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We are sure we have a service suited specifically for your business and what you are trying to do. We will work with you to come up with a plan that works for your business an your budget. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.